Kristina Delmeire

Kristina Delmeire is born in 1960 in Wilrijk (BE).
She Lives and works in Ekeren, Belgium.

Delmeire studied printmaking at St. Maria, the Institute of fine Arts Antwerp. Afterwards she finished her post-graduate in Printmaking at the National Higher Institute Antwerp(BE). For seventeen years she taught printmaking and model drawing at St. Maria, the Institute of Fine Arts in Antwerp. After a journey to Iceland in 1995, the artistic intention of the work evolves and is redefined. The capacity of the work opens up after removing all ballast from the image. Next to drawings, woodcarvings and drypoints, there is a development of large charcoal drawings, oil paintings and watercolours. Throughout Delmeire’s oeuvre there is an unmistakable presence of monumentality.


1990 Gallery Adamantis, Schoten, Belgium

1992 Project ‘STAD’, literary café den Hopsack, Antwerp, Belgium

1998 Gallery ATAB, Antwerp, Belgium

1999 Gallery Drijfstroom, Antwerp, Belgium

2002 Andante, Antwerp, Belgium

2016 One and a half hours of magenta, 252 cc Ekeren, Antwerp, Belgium


1990 Selected, 9° Internationale Grafik Triënnale, Hauptschule Herbertskul, Frechen, Germany

1992 Meet V. Rooms, Gallery ten Weyngaert, Vorst, Belgium

1992 Selected, The VIZO collection, VIZO, Brussels, Belgium

1993 Selected, Provincial Price of Graphics Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium

1994 Selected Rotary Bruges, Bruges, Belgium

1995 Invited by Mersem Artists, Town Hall Merksem, Belgium

1996 Selected, GYNAIKA, In the context of Gynaika Grafics, Stedelijk Museum Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

2001 A(r)tsenede, Art-Poetry and Music Festival, Assenede, Belgium

2001 The journey of the stone, Galerie DeBeerenburght, Eck en Wiel, The Netherlands

2002 The journey of the stone, Bonhoga Gallery, Weisday Mill, Shetland

2002 Veerle Rooms in dialogue, KB, Antwerp, Belgium

2003 Selected, Anniversary of the Frans Masereelcentre, Frans Masereelcentrum, Kasterlee, Belgium

2003 The journey of the stone, Museum Het Arsenaal, Coevorden, The Netherlands

2003 1000 Women and 1 work, project “flying carpet”, Switzerland

2012 No permanent landscape, BADBOOT Nieuwe Kaai 15, Turnhout, Belgium

2018 We Traveled Across Seven Lakes, bib Ekeren, Belgium

2019 Waar water samenvloeit met ander water, CACAOFAFIEK, Helmond, The Netherlands

2019 ‘Hoe maakt u het ?’, Cultuurstation Tracé, Ekeren, Belgium

2019 ‘Andere lagen’, Keramiekatelier Perignem, Beernem, Belgium

2020 Lucas Gassel revisited, Helmond, The Netherlands

2020 ‘Ik was er niet bij’, 252 CC Ekeren, Antwerp, Belgium